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Websites Made
with Stickered Laptops

Router Chowder is a small, driven web company dedicated to creating the best web apps, tools, and content this side of the Internet.

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// welcome to router chowder
var routerchowder = require('awesome');
routerchowder.config( function($stateProvider, $locationProvider) {

    // wake & make
    .state('sleepy', {
        url: '/caffeine',
        templateUrl: '/partials/alpine-modern.html',
        controller: 'AnxietyController as ShakyCtrl'
    return "Let's do this!";

Tracking Progress
at a Halfway Home

Many halfway homes across the country use big fat books to log prisoner comings and goings. We were asked to update this procedure with a fresh, mobile-responsive application. You can play with a demo version of this timeline app, developed for City of Faith as an accredited part of the Department of Corrections.

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Serving a Community
Through the Years

This beautiful Angular-based timeline application was developed for Advanced Cabling, a security and tech company based in Little Rock, AR. We worked hard to create an atmosphere that captures Advanced Cabling's friendly feel, while also making their rich history engaging.

see the project

Rowdah Chowdah
[ˈrutʌ ˈʧaʊdʌ]

Router Chowder is a small, diverse team of highly effective tech professionals. That's start-up for, "We're a cool group of folks that make awesome stuff". We develop high-quality, API-driven web applications for a wide range of clients. From small two-person start-ups to large ventures for nationally recognized companies. But mostly, we just try to make our parents proud

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Nic Chan

Senior Developer
Hong Kong
Nic is a front-end wizard, crafting unparalleled SCSS and JavaScript. She is Router Chowder's "Batman" -- when it needs to be kicked, she's there with a boot. She lives in Hong Kong with her family and cat.

Luke Evans

Junior Developer
San Francisco
Luke used to work at a nuclear research facility writing Python. They wouldn't give him any spidey powers, though. So now he works with Router Chowder creating JavaScript and PHP applications. He lives in San Francisco with his fiancee.

Luke Patrick

Owner & Lead Developer
Luke started Router Chowder back in 2015 as a blog. Then the project gained sentience and became a web application development studio. He brews coffee, APIs and beer. He lives in Boulder with his partner and two cats.

Holly Sanson &
Allen Winkler

Marketing Director / Sales Director
Little Rock
Holly & Allen have been rocks in the Router Chowder stream since the beginning. Holly provides a keen eye for marketing campaigns and a knack for SEO. Allen spreads the Chowder Gospel, sharing our high-quality work and drive with new clients. Both live in the Little Rock metro with their families.

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We'd love to hear from you! Whether you've got web development needs, overflow work that needs professional help, or just questions about us as a company -- we're happy to help. Drop us a line below and we'll get back with you as quickly as we can.